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WRO Organizer Committee

WRO Steering Committee Members

Country Name Organisation
WRO Steering Committee Members
China Mr. Meng XING China Assosiation for Science and Technology
China Mr Eugene ZHANG Semia Ltd.
Denmark Mr. Lars VAHL LEGO Education
Japan Dr. Norikane KANAI Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Japan Mr. Yasuhide KOBAYASHI AFREL Co.Ltd.
Korea Ms. Gye-hee CHOI Advanced Learning Co.Ltd.
Korea Prof. Jin-Soo LEE POHANG University of Science and Technology
Singapore Dr. Marcelo ANG National University of Singapore
Singapore Mr. Clarence Sirisena Science Centre Singapore

WRO National Partners

Country National Organizer Contact details
Taiwan ESUN Robot Association in Taiwan Mr. Johnson Jan
mail to: johnson@kkinc.com.tw
Hong Kong Semia Ltd. Ms. Fian Choi
mail to: fian.choi@semia.com
Singapore Science Centre Singapore Mr. Ross Leo
mail to: njrc@science.edu.sg
Mr Derrick Yam
mail to: njrc@science.edu.sg
Japan Afrel co.,ltd Mr. Yasuhide Kobayashi
Ms. Setsu Eto
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Korea Advanced Learning Co., Ltd Ms. Gye-Hee Choi
mail to: ghchoi@alcos.co.kr
Mr. Il-Sik Seo
mail to: isseo@alcos.co.kr
Prof. Jin Soo Lee, New Chairman of ICIRA
mail to: jsoo@postech.ac.kr
Malaysia Sasbadi Sdn Bhd Mr. Kevin Wan
mail to:kevinwan@sasbadi.com
Mr. Law King Hui
mail to: khlaw@sasbadi.com
Philippines FELTA Multimedia Inc Mrs. Mylene Abiva Sazon
mail to: felta@pldtdsl.net
Thailand Gammaco ( Thailand) Ms. Nithikul Attachoo
mail to:nithikul@gammaco.com
Mr. Torsak Chantraravisoot
mail to: Torsak@gammaco.com
India Techtronics (India) Limited Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma
mail to:iro@techtronics.in
Indonesia STMIK-MIKROSKIL Mr. Bambang Rusil
mail to:bambang@mikroskil.ac.id
Russia Moscow Department Of Education
Center Of Learning Technologies
Mr. Maxim Vasiliev
mail to: robot@9151394.ru
United Arab Emirates Edutech middle East Mr. Senthil Kugan
mail to:Senthil@edutech.com
Iran Global Brand Toys Mr. Masoud Sarrafan
mail to:pouya1@neda.net
Egypt Global Techniques Ms. Fouda Mai
mail to: mai@globaltechniques.com
Demark FIRST Scandinavia Mr. Stian Elstad
mail to:stian@firstscandinavia.org
Norway FIRST Scandinavia Mr. Stian Elstad
mail to:stian@firstscandinavia.org
Sweden FIRST Scandinavia Mr. Stian Elstad
mail to:stian@firstscandinavia.org
Sultanate of Oman Mr. Paul Rajesh
mail to:Paul@edutech.com
State of Qatar Mr. Amit Padishalwar
mail to:amit@edutech.com
Saudi Arabia Royal Commission Community Services Center, Jubail Industrial City Mr. Khalid Al-Shammari
mail to : shammarik@rcjubail.gov.sa

Mr. Ashraf Ali
mail to : asrafali@rcjcsc.net
Guest Team:
Jamaica Halls of Learning Mr. Marvin Hall
mail to:marvin.hall@csli.stanford.edu
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