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Power supply & Plug shape
2-PIN Each Pit has 2 Outlets
The voltage in Japan is 100 Volt, which is different from North America (110V), Central Europe (220V) and most other regions of the world.
Japanese electrical plugs have two, non-polarized pins, as shown above. They fit into North American outlets.
Japanese power outlets are identical to ungrounded (2-pin) North American outlets. While most Japanese outlets these days are polarized (one slot is slightly wider than the other), it is possible to encounter non-polarized outlets in some places.

Some North American equipment will work fine in Japan without adapter and vice versa, however, some sensitive equipment may not work properly or even get damaged.
If you intend to purchase electronic appliances in Japan for use outside of Japan, you are advised to look for equipment specifically made for oversea tourists.

The frequency of electric current is 50 Hertz in Eastern Japan (including Tokyo, Yokohama) and 60 Hertz in Western Japan (including Fukui, Nagoya,Kyoto, Osaka), however this frequency difference affects only sensitive equipment.

Some of laptops /notebook PC have transform system in AC adaptor by itselves.

Yokohama's Weather
Normal temperature of October 17.7°C 55.0°
November 12.7°C 64.5°
» Yokohama's Weather
Discretion of Garbage
It is necessary to throw away garbage classifying the seed.
Recycling is promoted for the global environment protection.
Kind: Can, PET bottle, Combustible, Nonflammable thing, Newspaper and
Magazine, etc.
No Smoking in Public
The public domain in outdoor stops smoking in a specific region
in the Yokohama city.
(Possible to smoke in a part of the building in Pacifico Yokohama.)
The transgressor has penalty regulations.
There is the following displays in the designated area.