WRO Japan 2020 R-Sports Challenge for the World

R-Sports Challenge for the World

 The WRO JAPAN 2020 R-Sports Challenge (Robotics Sports Challenge) is a challenge for all people who are interested in robots, to use their knowledge and technology in designing an autonomous robot which can complete missions that imitated the Olympic Games. More over the participants have to submit their achievements in a recorded video throw the internet.
 We expect all of the participants will not only exert to apply the robot knowledge (including hardware and software) and skills they have learned, but also it will help them improve their abilities and skills while sharing other participants robots’ behavior and mechanism.

Example of a challenging movie

by WRO Japan 2020 CTO.

Robot Movies

Abstract of Challenge

Age Limit

There are no restrictions.

Participation Fee


Team Definition

A team consists of one (1) or more team members and one (1) coach.
The minimum age of a coach is age 20.
※ An adult participant can be a team member as well as a coach.

Category of Challenge

  • LEGO Category
    Only LEGO branded parts and the following LEGO branded controller are allowed to be used in this category.
    ② WeDo
  • Free Category
    There are no restrictions on robots or materials to be used in this category.

Challenge Contents

1. Free Throw Challenge
  • Design an autonomous robot that can throw a Ping-Pong ball into a certain distance installed goal.

About Robot Movies

  • Your movie should be within 5 minutes.
  • The volume of your movie data should be within 500 MB.


Prohibited matters

  1. Do not engage in activities with people other than family members that overlapping the “Three Cs” (Try to use tools such as online tools).
    Three Cs”: Confined spaces・Crowded places・Close contact
  2. It is strictly prohibited to slander other people’s images/videos. (If such acts are found, they will be strictly dealt).

Participation Flow

Please read two rules of R-Sports Challenge

R-Sports Challenge General Rule

1st Free Throw Challenge Rule

Let’s assemble a robot.

Let’s take a movie of your robot.

Let’s upload your movie.


Robot Movies for All Participants

1st Free Throw Challenge’s Movies